Ascension Point Capital, LLC.

619 Lake Ave, 3rd Fl, Asbury Park, NJ 07712 (732) 383-6765

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    An Entrepreneurial Investment Firm

    Our mission is to provide entrepreneur’s a means of unlocking the incredible wealth that has been created as a result of their vision.

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    Our Model

    We are built to assist with the wealth transfer process by providing owner’s a unique and customizable liquidity option, whether it is partial or full.

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    Business Continuity

    With a focus on people, Ascension Point Capital will carry on the legacy that has taken years of hard work and dedication to create.

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    Long-Term Growth

    Our long-term investment horizon allows us to focus on future business growth and build upon the strong foundation put in place by the entrepreneur and their team.

Ascension Point Capital was formed by a group of serial entrepreneurs, successful investors, and experienced operators to take a majority investment in a single privately held enterprise. The partnership presents owners with a group of individuals and institutions that offer unparalleled business acumen and experience with a long-term focus on accelerating business growth.

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